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Available puppies.

Miniature American Shepherd

We currently have no available puppies!

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The puppy is delivered with:

•          Registered in NKK

•          Eye certificate

•           PAT Puppy Test*

•           Stress analysis at approx. 24 weeks of age

•           Feed it is used to

•           Treats

•           Bed

•           Toys

•           Food bowl

•           Collar

•           Lease

•           Package from Agria with blanket and info


*PAT test:

The PAT test is taken at Hund Helt På Grensen when the puppies are 7 weeks +/- 2 days. The elements of a PAT puppy test are:

1. Social attraction

2. Following

3. Coercion

4. Social dominance

5. Height dominance

6. Importation

7. Sensitivity to touch

8. Sensitivity to sound

9. Visual sensitivity


Based on the "answers" the puppies give in the various elements, we can form a picture of how the puppy will develop from the perspective of what characteristics it has. It is then also much easier for us as breeders to get the right puppy in the right home.


We do this because this is a safer way to sell a puppy, and not based on color and appearance when it is 3-4-5 weeks old. Because of this, we will not distribute who gets which puppy until after the test has been completed at 7 weeks of age, but you as a puppy buyer can make your preferences if you wish :)

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