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About us

Qubera Recinto Kennel breeds Miniature American Shepherd and Basset Hound, our breeding is targeted and we focus on good health, mentality, working qualities and breed standard. We got our first Presa Canario in 2013, Quado, this was initially just going to be a family dog and we were never going to start showing and breeding. Little did we know then that Quado pr.dd is the Nordic region's most titled Presa Canario with 23 winning titles😊

We had our first litter of Presa Canarios in 2016, but saw that as we got older we wanted a simpler breed, although the Presa Canario will always be close to our hearts.

In 2020 we had our first MAS litter, where we leased both a male dog and a female from another breeder. We do our best to breed breed-typical individuals with a focus on mentality and health. We also look at the exterior, as we are active in exhibitions, but primarily mentality :)

in 2018 we got our first Basset Hound, who unfortunately left us far too soon. In 2021 we had our first Basset Hound litter. We breed a lighter Hound than what many associate with the Basset Hound. We use our dogs actively in the forest both for hunting, tracking and searching for injured game. As of today, 3 of our Basset Hound are approved search dogs.

All litters are born and raised in the living room at home with us, our son and other dogs. We try to introduce the puppies to different sounds and environments so that the puppies will be well prepared when they arrive at their new homes, both in terms of driving a car, other people, touching etc. When the puppies are 7 weeks old, we take the PAT test on the puppies, this is to map out a bit what the puppies are like and which homes these are best suited to, as we do not want you as a puppy buyer to end up with a dog that does not have the best conditions to be able to succeed with you. It is not optimal if you want a family dog to end up with the puppy that has the absolute best conditions for an active hunting life. When the puppies are 20-24 weeks old, we want as many as possible to come forward for a Stress Test Analysis, this is a test that we as breeders pay for. Here, as breeders, we want to see how the puppy takes the various exercises and the test leader maps and will give feedback if, for example, it should be trained differently. These are tests that we as breeders want everyone to sit for, as this helps to map further breeding with a view to mentality. Of course, we have lifelong follow-up for our puppy buyers.

Lena has been working with dogs since 1996 and then started with Rottweilers. Andrè got started a little later as he is, of all things, allergic to dogs. André is today an approved dressage instructor, search instructor and aversion instructor through the NJFF and has taken various courses, including in cynology. 

Contact Us!

If you have questions about dogs, breeding, puppies or about us, don't hesitate to contact us :)

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